Simple Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples

7 Simple Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples (Cozy & Romantic)

Finding stylish small bedroom ideas for couples can be difficult, but you should not have to fight about it. No matter what color or design trend you choose, there is always room for compromise when sharing your space with your significant other. Because everyone deserves to sleep for forty minutes at the end of the day.

The most important aspect of bedroom ideas for couples is that they be balanced. So, if your current setup is saccharine pink or overly masculine, consider changing things up. This does not imply dividing the space in half and styling in silos. Working together to create a synchronized scheme that you’ll both be happy with can be a lot of fun.

7 Romantic & Cozy Simple Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Below I have mentioned 7 romantic as well as cozy simple small bedroom ideas for couples. On the other hand, if you are single then don’t worry you can also consider these ideas.

1. Push Your Bed Against a Wall

Another studio space that has been elegantly transformed into a small bedroom idea for couples can be found here. This time, a VRETSTORP sofa bed has been strategically shuffled into a corner, but near a window and radiator to let light in and keep you warm.

When not in use as a bed, this three-seater has built-in storage for your bedding during the day and your throws and cushions at night. A nearby cabinet with glass sliding doors allows you to easily see and access what you need, with a shelf on top to prop accessories on.

The woven baskets are ideal for storing decorative cushions, and the two black side tables are ideal perching spots for water, books, and a clock.

As you kiss each other goodnight, the pleated, black blackout blinds provide visual relief from street lamps and other external light sources. This is #1 simple small bedroom ideas for couples.

2. Zone a Bedroom in a Studio

If you look closely behind the bed, you’ll notice that this small bedroom was created from a studio space, with the living room in the background.

However, when dealing with a multifunctional space, your furniture selection is critical. They’ve used storage furniture and a bed from Ikea’s HAUGA series to help connect and flow the space.

The berry pillows and duvet coordinate perfectly with the colors of the sofa in the lounge, giving the two separate spaces a coordinated feel without blending into each other. It’s a thoughtful design that doesn’t feel claustrophobic or cramped. This is #2 simple small bedroom ideas for couples.

3. Swap a Traditional Bed for a Sofa Bed

Whether you’re a newlywed couple looking for your first home or cohabiting with your partner, the first place you live in can leave a lot to be desired in terms of space.

If double beds are too large, don’t settle for cramming two single beds together as a small bedroom idea for couples. Use a sofa bed that can be used in your living room during the day and pulled out at night instead. When it comes to bedroom design, we adore this nautical theme, complete with striped duvet and lobster pot-style lampshade.

Are you sold on a multifunctional seat-cum-sleep configuration? Our best sofa beds will allow you to sleep in style. This is #3 simple small bedroom ideas for couples.

4. Select Low-slung and Floating Furniture

This bedroom has so many space-saving tools. Floating shelves, suspended ceiling lights, and the low-slung bed, of course.

This master bedroom appears larger than it is by using legless furniture. It also means you won’t be yelling curse words after stubbing your toe on the corner of the bed.

In terms of styling, we’re obsessed with the yin and yang contrast between color, shape, and texture. To create balance and harmony, a cream bed meets black walls, and a soft bed is combined with structured vases and lighting. This is #4 simple small bedroom ideas for couples.

5. Pack in Storage at Every Opportunity

This bedroom demonstrates that you can have it all – even if you have limited space. You can have a calm and tidy scheme that also looks great with a multi-purpose bed, smart bedroom storage, and a space-saving dressing area.

This comfortable bed has shelves on the headboard for keeping your bedtime book close by. Drawers beneath the bed maximize space and are ideal for storing blankets and seasonal clothing.

An open rail in the far corner is ideal for hanging your work uniform or staples such as a comfy sweater or hoodie – ideal for having on hand when the temperature drops a few degrees Fahrenheit. This is #5 simple small bedroom ideas for couples.

6. Pitch a Pastel Room to Your Partner

This bed-in-a-bun contraption from Loaf is ideal as a small apartment decorating idea if you have an open-plan, studio setup, or if your bedroom is small. And, in terms of color, this pastel palette isn’t too sickly to share with a man. However, you’d be forgiven for leaving out the pink in favor of a more neutral option.

‘It’s time to put pink on hold and embrace a spectrum of pastel hues,’ says Nadia McCowan-Hill, Wayfair’s resident style advisor.

‘In a bedroom, replace this traditionally feminine color with calming shades of lilac and gray that promote relaxation and recalibration. ‘Plump for tactile fabrics and add sleep-inducing scents like lavender for a soothing touch. This is #6 simple small bedroom ideas for couples.

7. Create a Spa-like Sanctuary 

Spa weekends with your significant other can be a romantic activity to share. They can also be expensive, so why not incorporate some of your favorite aspects of a getaway into your own room?

Aside from the fluffy robes and slippers, this low-cost bedroom design is all about texture and natural materials. Rattan furniture, cream-colored fleece throws, lots of faux fur, and a soft, high-pile rug are all good choices. Layering fabrics will aid in the creation of a cocoon-like nesting space. 

And just when you think you’ve used up all your blankets, stash some more in a wicker basket for extra winter warmth. This is #7 simple small bedroom ideas for couples.

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What Makes a Romantic Bedroom? 5 Effective Ways

Here are 5 ways that can make your bedroom more romantic:

1. Let us begin with your bed

It must appear as inviting as possible. Big plumped-up pillows and crisp, freshly laundered sheets, all beautifully made up, are essential for making your bed appear appealing. To add drama, use bold colors such as a black headboard. Consider a 5-star hotel!

2. It is also critical to remove any clutter

You want your bed to be the focal point, and clutter will only serve to distract. If you use your bedroom as a ‘floordrobe,’ now is the time to do a thorough cleaning.

3.Adding romantic lighting to your bedroom can make or break the experience

Check that your overhead light is turned off; it can be unflattering as well as too bright. To set the mood, use soft glow bedside lamps or groups of tea lights in pretty safe holders. If they’re lightly scented, even better. For lighting, white is a much more romantic color than red, which has been shown to cause stress rather than desire.

4. Your sense of smell is strongly linked to romance and desire

In addition to scented tea lights, you could use a pillow mist, a fragrance plug-in, or simply a spritz of your favorite aftershave or perfume on your pillows and around your bed. Don’t use too many different scents; just one or two, especially if familiar, will arouse desire.

5. Try sprinkling rose petals on your bed

They don’t have to be real; you can use artificial petals or petal-shaped confetti instead. If you have an upstairs bedroom, scatter a few petals up the stairs and across the landing towards your bedroom. It will convey romance as well as intent.

This is the end of this post. I hope you like make sure to comment your favourite idea in the comment section below.


Q1. How do you make a small bedroom look nice?

8 Tips To Make A Small Bedroom Look Great:

1. Stick to a limited color palette
2. Let the light in
3. Maximize your storage space
4. Don’t be afraid to use windows
5. Trick the eye with mirrors
6. Have pieces made to measure
7. Detract with a feature wall
8. Make your headboard work hard

Q2. What colors make a small room look bigger?

8 Color Options That Will Make Small Rooms Look Bigger;

1. Dark Blue
2. Earthly Ochre
3. Off-White
4. Clean White
5. Dark Gray
6. Pale Blues
7. Sea Green
8. Light Green

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