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9 Ways to Create a Cozy Minimalist Living Room

If you want to create a cozy minimalist living room, you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to tell you 9 ways to create a cozy minimalist living room that is amazing and stunning at the same time. 

Minimalism can be found everywhere. From sparse but stylish Pinterest rooms to stunningly sleek Instagram examples, the minimalism trend has proven that it is here to stay.

Minimalism is based on the principle of decluttering your life and focusing on simple living habits, such as constantly curating your space to have a few meaningful items rather than constantly accumulating more things. This design philosophy is also based on living in a cleaner, more sustainable, and more efficient manner.

Minimalist silhouettes are clean and smooth, with no clutter or overabundance of flourish. A houndstooth couch or stacks upon stacks of books are unlikely to be found in a minimalist living room, but you might notice a splash of color here, and there or a few subtle patterns added in the form of a rug or throw pillows.

Here are 9 minimalist living rooms that inspire you to try simple living. Check out these minimalist couches to add to your space, as well as these minimalist bedroom ideas to carry the look throughout your home.

9 Ways to Create a Cozy Minimalist Living Room In 2022

Below we mentioned 9 ways to create a cozy minimalist living room in 2022:


White is often the default color for a minimalist living room, but it can leave spaces feeling cold, especially if the white is brilliant or cool. A warm neutral color scheme, such as stone tones, beiges, and creams, will ensure that the room feels relaxed and inviting, which is important in living rooms.

Light, exposed plaster walls create a pared-back yet textural foundation in this space, while sculptural furniture with sinuous shapes takes center stage, including a curvaceous living room sofa from Ligne Roset upholstered in a soft, tactile fabric to add an element of coziness.


While minimalist living rooms are often associated with bright, streamlined spaces, you don’t have to limit yourself to a white palette – decorating with black or deep shades of charcoal grey and brown as part of a neutral palette can create real impact and depth to the space while remaining serene.

The dark grey Mark Alexander wallpaper, striking black chairs, and black coffee table all add drama to this black-and-white living room but are balanced by an equal amount of white to keep the scheme fresh. Simple and elongated silhouettes in living room furniture keep the scheme feeling sleek and minimal.


To create a sense of space in a minimalist living room, furnishings are usually limited to a few essential pieces, and living room wall ideas are kept simple. In place of artwork, color, and accessories, furniture frequently takes the lead and functions more like functional sculpture.

‘I begin sourcing furniture early in projects, and spending time finding the right pieces makes all the difference.’ I’m always looking for a good mix of vintage and modern. If I buy a new sofa, I might look for a vintage coffee table to balance it.’


The goal of minimalist living rooms is to create the illusion of more space. Choosing recessed living room shelving over freestanding furniture and storage ideas helps to keep the walls and floorspace clear, making the room feel more streamlined and open.

‘It is important to consider the spaces you leave empty just as much as the spaces you fill when decorating shelves,’ says Simon Temprell, interior design manager at Neptune. ‘Avoid a lot of small objects and instead focus on more considered items with presence and form.’

‘For an abstract effect, arrange your books in blocks of color in a modern interior. Turn your books around, spines to the back, to create a textural effect that works best with books you don’t need to find quickly! ‘If you want something sleek and modernistic, cover your books with white craft paper to create a stylish antidote to the traditional library,’ he adds.


According to Genna Margolis, interior designer and founder of Shapeside, when designing a light-filled and relaxed living room, “less is more”.

‘You don’t want furniture that will take up the entire space.’ You want pieces that leave a lot of space, so the size of the pieces should be smaller than usual to achieve the look. ‘Only do it with wall decor,’ she advises, ‘you want to have a decor on the wall without overcovering the wall space.’

The artwork is limited to a single dramatic mountain scene, carefully selected to balance the dark charcoal chairs opposite. A statement living room ceiling light acts as a hanging sculpture overhead as an alternative to accessories and wall decor.


Minimalist decor and small living room ideas complement each other, so keep your color palette simple.

‘The color palette and materials used can also have a significant impact on the overall design,’ says Simon Tcherniak, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson.

‘A minimalist combination of neutral, muted tones and rich wood finishes will display simplicity that will last even as the home’s style evolves.’


Black and white living room paint ideas are always stylish. A monochrome decorating scheme is a daring minimalistic choice that necessitates careful editing and a keen design eye.

If you don’t add texture and subtle tonal variation, this type of interior can appear ‘flat.’ However, when put together carefully, it is an excellent way to complement a minimalistic living room.

Tone and texture are crucial. Remember that the most successful monochrome interiors incorporate movement and depth, as well as tactile elements, to create a warm and inviting minimal scheme.


Mid-century modern living rooms are enduringly popular with minimalist enthusiasts due to their timeless aesthetic and pared-back style.

Mid-century style and minimalism complement each other beautifully with clean, straight lines and flowing organic curves. Simplicity in design and styling, as well as a lack of ornamentation and a limited color palette, are essential.


Think again if you need help to use texture in a minimalist living room. Embrace warm minimalism by incorporating luxurious furnishings alongside streamlined furniture for a cozy yet modern feel.

‘The layering of materials, colors, and shapes all contribute to the overall texture of your interiors, which can define the look and feel of a space,’ says Martin Waller, co-founder of Andrew Martin . ‘Glossy surfaces in tonal shades, such as polished chrome, shiny marble, and smooth leather, give a room a sleek, modern appearance.

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This is the end of this post about ways to create a cozy minimalist living room. On the other hand, minimalism was once associated with stark, glossy furniture with a sleek, mid-century vibe. It’s now warmer and earthier, with Scandinavian and Japanese accents.

By incorporating bohemian living room ideas like rattan lighting, artisan-style vases, a chunky wool rug, and rustic raw wood furniture, you can take the clinical edge off an all-white scheme.

Brown, caramel, and dusty sienna are neutrals inspired by natural, earthy tones.


Q1. 7 Tips for Creating a Minimalist Living Room?

 Now is the time to create a minimalist living room, and we have just the tips for you:
1. Declutter
2. Think About the Scale
3. Go Green
4. Install A Floating Shelf
5. Consider Your Color Palette
6. Store Items Out of Sight
7. Remember that everything should complement one another

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