DIY Indoor Greenhouse Ideas

15+ Best DIY Indoor Greenhouse Ideas (Super Easy)

In this post you’ll see 15+ super easy DIY indoor greenhouse ideas. Use one of these do-it-yourself indoor greenhouse ideas to help your plants thrive even in the dead of winter. A greenhouse provides them with enough light and heat to reach their full potential. Having an indoor greenhouse allows you to display your plants even in the smallest of spaces. They are also quite mobile, making it simple to transport them both indoors and outdoors.

These indoor greenhouses range from small and simple to larger and more time-consuming projects. While they are all beginner projects, there are some that are suitable for children and others that should only be attempted by adults. There are plenty of options here, and you’re sure to find the ideal greenhouse for you.

To get the most out of your greenhouse, make sure it gets enough sunlight. On the other hand, put it as close to a window as you can. Consider purchasing a grow light to place inside your greenhouse if you don’t have enough natural light.

Super Easy 15+ DIY Indoor Greenhouse Ideas

Here are 15+ DIY Indoor greenhouse Ideas that are super easy to made.

1. Constructing a Greenhouse Cabinet

Pick up an IKEA Fabrikor to serve as the foundation for this indoor greenhouse. This project demonstrates how to transform the cabinet into a greenhouse by adding grow lights, a humidifier, a fan, and a few other accessories. It’s a quick project with a big payoff. This is the #1 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

2. Greenhouse Cabinet from IKEA

In this detailed project, an IKEA Milsbo glass cabinet is used as a greenhouse. It is equipped with fans, a grow light, and a thermometer to work its magic. You’ll want to read through the detailed tips on exactly how to set it up for optimal growth. This is the #2 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

3. Cabinets for the Rudsta Greenhouse

With this greenhouse, you can create a stylish centerpiece in your living room. A Rudsta cabinet from IKEA has been transformed into an indoor greenhouse. The end result is a lovely cabinet that really showcases the plants. You can watch a video of the assembly process here. It’s in Finnish, but it’s still worth looking at. This is the #3 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

4. Indoor Green Cabinet Greenhouse

This secondhand cabinet was found while thrifting. A few shelves and a light are added. The end result is a green-looking greenhouse with plenty of room for plants but small enough to tuck away somewhere. This is the #4 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

5. Greenhouse Cabinet

An indoor greenhouse made out of an IKEA Detolf cabinet. Plants and moss are planted on the inside of the cabinet in this one-of-a-kind greenhouse. It’s a one-of-a-kind greenhouse that also serves as a work of art. This is a very detailed tutorial, so you can make one as well. This is the #5 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

6. Indoor Greenhouse Shelves

This indoor greenhouse idea involves transforming a standard metal shelf into a safe haven for your plants. The entire shelving unit is covered to keep the warm air from the nearby window in the greenhouse. This is the #6 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

7. Mini Recycled Greenhouse

This recycled mini greenhouse, another of the smaller projects, will help you start some seeds. Everything you need to make this tiny greenhouse can be found in your craft area and in the recycling. Don’t forget to get the kids involved in this one. This is the #7 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

8. Milsbo Greenhouse from IKEA

This lovely photograph shows an IKEA Milsbo cabinet that has been lovingly transformed into a greenhouse. Tropical plants have been added and look great in the converted cabinet. The cabinet handle has been replaced with a plant-themed one, which looks fantastic. This is the #8 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

9. Indoor Picture Frame Greenhouse

This indoor greenhouse is constructed from an unusual recycled material: old picture frames. This project will require the use of power tools because a base must be built before the picture frames can be added. This tutorial will walk you through the entire greenhouse construction process from start to finish. This is the #9 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

10. Greenhouse in the Living Room Cabinet

This setup includes two IKEA cabinets that have been transformed into indoor greenhouses. The Rudsta Wide and Milsbo Tall are used, and when combined, they look stunning. It will provide plenty of space for your plants, allowing you to place them inside, on top of, and all around your home. This is the #10 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

11. Mini Indoor Greenhouse

Here’s another example of a regular shelf being transformed into a greenhouse. There is no plastic covering here, only grow lights are used. It’s a simple setup that only requires the installation of a few lights. This is the #11 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

12.Socker Mini Greenhouse 

The Socker mini greenhouse from IKEA is an actual greenhouse that is ready to use. It’s a cute greenhouse that fits perfectly on a wide window sill. It opens from the top, allowing you to easily access your plants or seeds. This is the #12 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

13. Indoor Greenhouse with an Old Display Cabinet

This lovely indoor greenhouse is actually a display cabinet with additional shelves and lighting. First, go to some thrift stores or antique stores and look for a cabinet that can be converted into a greenhouse. After that, give it a fresh coat of paint and add lights and shelves. It’s now time to add some plants or seeds! This is the #13 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

14 Do-It-Yourself Greenhouse Cabinet

A cabinet was purchased online and converted into an indoor greenhouse. It’s a large cabinet with a lot of plants in it. Consider replacing your standard light with something more eye-catching, such as this pink one. This is the #14 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

15. Greenhouse in the Corner

This adorable cabinet has lights and plastic shelving to provide a safe haven for beloved plants. The size is ideal—you can have a large number of plants while having a relatively small space to put them. This is the #15 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

16. Greenhouse Detolf Cabinet

Another indoor greenhouse design that makes use of an IKEA Detolf cabinet. It’s a slim and tall cabinet, so finding a place for it is simple. Consider putting it near a window, where the plants will thrive. This is the #16 DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

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Let us conclude with the hope that you have found all of the mentioned easy and cheap DIY indoor greenhouse ideas to be very inspiring and that you have also found your desired plan; each of the mentioned DIY indoor greenhouse plans has its own features and qualities that distinguish them from one another. 

With each plan, we have also mentioned all of the supplies, instructions, and tools. All you need to do is select the DIY indoor greenhouse plan that best meets your needs, budget, space, and time constraints. Building these homemade greenhouses at home will not only provide you with a perfect space to grow your favorite plants, but it will also save you a lot of money.

You can also build them to sell in the market to people looking for relatively inexpensive products. None of the plans would take too much time or money. So, let’s get to work right away!


Q1. Advantages of constructing an indoor greenhouse

Perhaps the most significant advantage of constructing an indoor greenhouse is the amount of space it requires. If you don’t have enough yard space for an outdoor greenhouse, live in an apartment, or don’t want to invest in maintaining a large outdoor structure, an indoor greenhouse is a good option. And who doesn’t enjoy a good do-it-yourself project?

Indoor greenhouses can be a great way to show off your style and aesthetic while also providing your plants with a new, safe environment to live in. Aside from saving space, the advantages of a DIY greenhouse include:

1. Controlling the temperature and humidity when growing vegetables out of season
2. Adding a unique touch to your home 
3. Being able to easily move it
4. Plant protection from children and pets

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