Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces

9 Smart & Genuine Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces

Daybeds are one of those must-have pieces of furniture if you want to maximize your space. Here are 9 Smart & Genuine daybed ideas for small spaces. Anything that can be used for more than one purpose—in this case, sitting and sleeping—is a winner in our book, and the daybed fits the bill perfectly. A daybed can help solve most space issues, whether you need extra seating in an office or a place for guests to sleep in a multipurpose room.

There are numerous daybed ideas for small spaces, such as which ones work best in which rooms, how to style them, and how to find one that maximizes storage space for added functionality. Here are six brilliant daybed ideas that will make you wonder why you waited so long to buy one.

The Question Arises Here: Are daybeds good for small spaces?

The short answer is, of course. Daybeds are ideal for an apartment, studio, or living room that needs to accommodate an occasional guest. It can be tucked into a corner or the focal point of an office or living room, acting as an extra sofa until you need a place to sleep.

A daybed can be a reading nook or a cozy spot to watch a family movie, and it’s ideal for a kid’s room that doesn’t have a lot of space but needs both sleeping and sitting space when friends come over. If you intend to use it primarily for sleeping, you can dress it as a bed but quickly transform it into a couch with a cover and throw pillows. In any case, it’s a pleasant place to eat, sleep, work, and sit.

9 Super-Secret Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces

Here’s how to incorporate a daybed for the ultimate lounging experience, whether your style is boho or minimalist.

 1. Floral Wallpaper in a Bedroom with a Slanted Ceiling

This slanted ceiling bedroom showcases daybed ideas for small spaces. Floral wallpaper covers the wall, which is joined by a white daybed and neutral nightstands. Sconces with vintage brass shades are mounted on the wall above the tables. The room is finished with a patterned rug. This is the #1 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

2. Bedroom Gallery Wall with Taupe Panels

The walls in this bedroom are light taupe paneled, and the carpet is off-white. A gray quilt covers a light gray cushioned daybed pushed against the wall. A pillow with an orange and black animal print rests against two white pillows with square black dots and two large gray pillows. A red foot rest is placed on top of a white and gray plaid rug. This is the #2 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

3. Gray Upholstered Bed in a Modern Bedroom

A gray upholstered daybed with black and white grid bedding graces the modern bedroom. A circular mirror is placed beneath a white desk with brass hairpin legs. A fake tree stands next to a white-paneled door illuminated by pink LED lights. This is the #3 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

4. Board and Batten Bedroom Christmas Décor

Seasonal daybed decorating ideas are demonstrated by a Christmas tree and a string of snowflakes. A daybed covered in light pink and white pillows sits against a white board and batten wall. The bed is adorned with plush items and a knit blanket. A Christmas tree is decorated on this patterned rug. This is the #4 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

5. Shiplap in Peach Christmas Tree and Half-Wall

The perfect space for a daybed ideas bedroom is created by vertical shiplap walls and a woven basket Christmas tree. A white bed with brown perforated panels is surrounded by peach and white walls. A neutral patterned rug is placed on wood flooring. This is the #5 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

6. Nursery Decorative Neutral Daybed Ideas

A light gray bedroom wall is framed by a gray daybed on a beige carpet. A white quilt covers the daybed, which is surrounded by gray and white pillows. A gray and white quilt is folded and placed on a quilt corner next to a basket of toys on the floor. This is the #6 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

7. Bedroom Wall with Green Board and Batten

A black framed daybed with neutral bedding complements the green board and batten accent wall in the bedroom. A wood desk and tasseled stool sit beneath wood-framed photographs. A black ceiling fan sits on top of a beige woven mat. This is the #7 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

8. Vintage Accents and a White Window Nook

Pink drapes and floral pillows accent the bedroom window nook. A circular vintage table with a collection of throw pillows stands in front of a skirted bed. A white chandelier hangs in front of a tree branch painting on the wall. This is the #8 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

9. Shiplap Vertical Bedroom with White Daybed

A white metal daybed is dressed in white and blue floral bedding in this girl’s bedroom with muted teal vertical shiplap walls. The bed is placed in front of a white window with a brown curtain. This is the #9 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces.

Can I put a daybed in the living room?

A daybed can unquestionably be placed in your home’s main living area. This is ideal for families who have an occasional overnight guest but primarily use it for additional seating. It not only makes an incredibly comfortable and cozy couch, but it also converts easily into a bed for someone who comes in and decides to stay. 

In terms of decorating, decide where you want it to go in the room and then plan the color and fabric around that. Daybeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be dressed up or down depending on the mood you want to create.

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How to Use a Daybed: To Make Your Home More Versatile

A daybed can be used anywhere in the house as a bed, a sofa, an extra seat, or a napping spot. However, if you’ve never used one before, it may appear intimidating. After all, you must decide where you will place the daybed, what type of daybed you will want, and how you will style it.

Today, most daybeds allow you to combine your guest room with another space to maximize your square footage. They enable you to host guests with plenty of sleeping space while still enjoying every room in your home when no guests are present. A daybed also allows you to furnish a studio apartment without having to fill it with bedroom furniture.

Here are a few examples of how you can use a daybed to make your home more versatile:

1. Setting up a daybed in the living room allows you to sneak in a sleeping space without interfering with your seating arrangements. A daybed with a pull-out trundle provides the same sleeping options as a bunk bed as well as the same sitting space as a loveseat.

2. If you don’t host often, a dedicated guest room can be a waste of space. However, if you make it multifunctional, you can keep a full-size bed option available for guests at all times while still using the room when you don’t have company. 

3. You could use the room as a home office, art studio, or media lounge, or you could convert one of these rooms into a potential guest room by replacing a sofa or loveseat with a guest bed.

4. Living in a studio apartment isn’t always ideal, but a daybed can make it a lot more enjoyable. When you only have one open space, you’ll want to make the most of every square inch. And who wants to clutter up a living space with a bulky bed frame when a daybed frame that doubles as a sofa will suffice?

5. Children require a lot of space, and it’s not always practical to include a sofa in a small space. A daybed, on the other hand, can provide your children with a place to sleep as well as a place to read, play video games, or hang out with friends. If you choose a trundle daybed, you’ll have an extra mattress available for sleepovers.

The beauty of a daybed is that it can be used anywhere you want a mix of seating, lounging, sleeping, and napping options. They’re ideal for small spaces as well as families who want to make better use of an existing guest room.

What should I hang over a daybed?

This is entirely dependent on how you intend to use it. If it’s in a child’s bedroom and will mostly be used for sleeping, hang art, a mirror, or bookshelves on the wall behind it. If you choose one without a fixed headboard, you can add character by filling the wall behind it with pillows and a fun wallpaper print.

If you intend to use the daybed in your home office, you may want to fill the walls behind it with books or place it near a large window to maximize light. You can always put curtains behind it to block out light if necessary.


We appreciate the versatility and functionality that a daybed provides. It’s a must-have item for the home, whether you’re short on space, need an extra bed for guests, or want to use it for extra storage. You can dress it up or down to suit your personal style with pillows and blankets that can be used for sleeping or seating, and it’s incredibly simple to convert from one to the other. Daybeds are available in a variety of sizes, with and without headboards, and in almost any fabric and style you desire.

With more people working from home, a daybed is a great option for those who are tired of working from the kitchen table and want a cozy place to work that isn’t in the bed. You’ll still get all of the benefits of a bed, but you’ll feel better knowing that you’ve moved out of your sleeping space for the day. If you need a break during the day (and who doesn’t?), grab a book or listen to a podcast and relax and reenergize for the afternoon ahead.


Q1. Are daybeds good for small spaces?

Are daybeds suitable for small spaces? The short answer is, of course. Daybeds are ideal for an apartment, studio, or living room that needs to accommodate an occasional guest.

Q2. How do you make a daybed look good?

It should be dressed with crisp sheets, a folded duvet, and a tailored bed skirt. Choose traditional bedding, such as crisp white hotel-style sheets and a matching duvet. The tailored bed skirt completes the look of the daybed. This style is appropriate for a daybed in a guest room.

Q3. Where should you place a daybed in a room?

Daybeds are made to be placed against any type of wall. Because your daybed will be the largest piece in your room, place it against the wall where you’d normally put a sofa. The daybed should ideally span no more than 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the wall behind it.

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