Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

10 Super-Secret Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

If you’re like us and rush into the kitchen every morning to make yourself a hot cup of coffee, you may be in need of a cute coffee bar setup. Yeah, putting a coffee maker next to the other appliances on your kitchen counter will work just fine, but if you’re really into your morning brew, you deserve to carve out a stunning space to display all of your coffee-making supplies. Here are 10 super-secret coffee bar ideas for small spaces.

These small coffee bar ideas will get you thinking creatively, and we’re confident you’ll be able to fit in a nook dedicated to your favorite beverage.

After you’ve found the best coffee maker, consider what else you’ll need to make your coffee – pretty coffee cups, sugar, fancy spoons, or even chocolate sprinkles – and make sure they have a stylish home nearby.

So, let’s get started!

What do you put on your coffee bar at home?

These are some of the items off your list and place them in your coffee station:

  1. Coffee maker.
  2. Coffee beans
  3. Coffee grinder.
  4. 6–8 coffee cups.
  5. Spoons.
  6. Napkins.
  7. Sugar + bowl.
  8. Creamer.

10 Super Secret Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

You can now create a coffee bar in a very small space that you will truly love. Not to mention that these concepts are visually appealing. So, what are you holding out for? Right now, go find inspiration for your ideal coffee bar at home. Below are 10 super secret coffee bar ideas for small spaces.

1. Use Your Breakfast Bar as a Coffee Station 

‘Wherever possible, keep your coffee machine on a worktop away from other appliances to create a dedicated zone for that all-important morning coffee,’ says Ruth Lavender, Benchmarx design expert (opens in new tab).

This slimline breakfast bar is a brilliant use of space in and of itself, but add a small single serve coffee maker and some jars and these two planks of wood take on a whole new meaning. We also like how you can make coffee while sitting on the stool, which makes those early mornings a lot easier.

2. Make a Small Space Shine

This nook demonstrates that even the smallest console table can serve as a coffee bar. You only need a few hanging shelves to store necessities like mugs and coffee beans. 

As we all know, maximizing vertical space in the kitchen is critical, and this setup certainly nails it.

3. Display a Cute Mug Rack

Make your mugs a part of your decor by choosing a display rack that is both functional and attractive. Do you want to brighten up your coffee shop? Display mugs in a variety of colors if you want. All-white mugs help to support a more minimalistic look here.

4. Keep Supplies Hidden

If you don’t want to look at all of your coffee-making supplies all day, choose a console table with cabinets and lidded storage on its shelves. Glass jars with modern wooden lids round out this neutral look.

5. Reuse an Existing Bar

Do you prefer lattes to lagers? Convert a built-in home bar into a coffee station you’ll want to use every day. This shabby chic style setup is completed with mason jars and vintage accents.

6. Use a Portable Unit to Make Room for a Coffee Bar

If your countertop is completely full, a slim floor standing shelving unit could completely change the way you use your space. This Wayfair(opens in new tab) kitchen cart is the perfect height to line up with your kitchen worktop or sit neatly beneath your window, and it’s the perfect size for a small coffee machine. The shelves beneath can also be used to store anything else you might need for the perfect beverage.

7. Use Metallic Tiles Behind Your Coffee Bar to Maximize Light and Space

If your coffee shop is feeling dark and cramped, try some shiny metallics to brighten things up. High shine kitchen tiles reflect light around the room, making it appear larger and brighter.

8. Display a Collection

Do you only have a small nook in the kitchen? Commit to a color scheme to make the most of a shelf’s worth of space. Blue and white decor pops here, creating an ultra-welcoming atmosphere.

9. Incorporate a Coffee Bar Drawer Into Your Cabinetry

Consider your caffeine needs from the start of the planning process if you’re lucky enough to be installing a new kitchen. You can build a coffee bar in the same way you can build an oven or a refrigerator!

‘Integrated appliances will help your space flow seamlessly rather than being broken up by bulkier appliances,’ says Graeme Smith, head of retail and commercial design at Life Kitchens (opens in new tab).

This clever modern kitchen design features a built-in coffee maker, a pull-out countertop drawer, and cup storage above, allowing you to easily craft your coffee and then simply push the drawer out of sight – genius!

10. Collect Some Trays

Small trays and trivets can also help you keep track of all of your barista essentials while adding a decorative touch to your countertop. Everything from straws to sugar cubes can be stored in candy jars and favorite pieces of glassware.

11. Play With Chalkboard Paint: Bonus Tip

Even if you’re not opening a coffee shop, you can emulate the look of actual coffee shops by displaying a drink menu above your coffee bar, all thanks to a little chalkboard paint.

Other Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

If you don’t want to give up kitchen counter space, why not set up a pop-up coffee bar in another room, such as your dining room or breakfast nook?A bar cart can be easily transformed into the cutest coffee bar cart! Consider using an end table or another small table to create a cosy coffee cart. When entertaining, a sideboard, hutch, or buffet begs for an attractive coffee station. It’s truly the ideal location!

Be inventive! Your home should have a coffee bar!

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How Do You Organize a Coffee Bar?

The type of space you have determines how you organize your coffee bar. As a general rule, the less clutter on your countertop, the better, so store jars on shelves or in cupboards whenever possible. 

Consider exactly what you need to make your coffees – do you need syrups, sprinkles, special spoons, milk jugs, and so on – and keep all of these items nearby. 

A pegboard wall is a great way to keep everything in one place, but if you don’t want everything on display, cupboards or shelves with decorative jars could be the solution.


In this post I share 10 super secret coffee bar ideas for small spaces. If you like these ideas then let us know in the comment section below.

As you can see, it only takes a few key pieces to make your coffee station truly unique. So go ahead and be inventive! We’re excited to see what you come up with.


Q1. How do you make a coffee bar in a small room?

Add wall shelves to your kitchen to create your own coffee area. To free up counter space and act as coffee bar decor, use shelves to hold your favorite coffee supplies (coffee mugs, a French press, and coffee grinds). Add fun pieces, such as coffee signs or florals, to create a coffee-shop atmosphere.

Q2. What Should a Coffee Shop Include?

What you choose to include will be determined by how much space you have. However, most coffee shops include the following:
Coffee Shop Requirements
1. Coffee maker 
2. K-cups with coffee grounds or beans
3. Grinders for coffee
4. 6 to 8 coffee mugs or cups
5. Several travel coffee mugs
6. Canisters for storing items such as sugar/sweetener of choice, collagen powder, and so on.

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